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Picrew made to look like the webmaster, who is a white brunette man with short hair, brown eyes, and facial hair Tailmon sprite from Digimon Name(s): Eddie, Kian, Kasper, Angelo, Triage
Age: 23 (05/26/2000)
Pronouns: He/she/fae (+)
ID: Gay man, androgyne, otter
Race: White (Irish-Scottish)
Status: Dating the love of my life Ghost since 24/10/19

Disabled fairy otter on the internet. Freak of nature. Grown-ass-manchild. Marxist & communist. Unfortunately a furry. Sometimes disguised as a bat, cat, or zebra-unicorn.

20x20 Gilbert Baker gay pride flag 20x20 Androgyne pride flag 20x20 Gender nonconforming pride flag 20x20 she/her gay man pride flag 20x20 green autigender pride flag 20x20 Leather pride flag 20x20 Disability pride flag 20x20 yellow autism pride flag 20x20 fragmented dissociative pride flag 20x20 flag of Ireland 20x20 flags of Scotland

Button: Gay man Button: Androgyne Button: Gender nonconforming Button: He/him gay man pronouns Button: She/her gay man pronouns Button: Fae/faer pronouns Button: Disabled pride Button: Walker user Button: Autistic Button: Ehlers Danlos Button: Mentally ill Button: Dissociative Button: Irish Button: Scottish Button: Otherkin Button: Therian Button: In love Button: Furry Button: ESFJ Button: Enneagram 6w7
Buttons by Fluffmoth @ FlightRising!

Site button with Gilbert Baker's pride flagSite button that reads 'Always wears your programmer socks' with legs wearing socksGreen site button that reads 'Pothead'

Pokemon electric type pixel Pokemon fairy type pixel Pokemon psychic type pixel
Gemini Pisces☾ Cancer ↑
Enneagram 6w7
Tritype: 692
Socionics: ESE
Instinctual Variant: SO/SX
Big five: SLOAN
Alignment: Neutral Good
Temperament: Melancholic