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This site will always be under construction as I add and update it over time. Please excuse any mess!

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Welcome to my personalized corner of the internet! I was inspired by many other personal and old internet websites to make my own, and is a space for me to express myself! Here, you'll be able to find everything relevant or important to me, including my special interests.

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My TCG partner // Fates Collide / M Audino EX, Team Up / Blitzle, Team Up / Latias & Latios
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Don't know where you're going? No fret, this sitemap will tell you all the places you can go next!


  • Landing - Where you started from!
  • Home - The homepage
  • Sitemap - You are here!
  • About - A page showcasing what this website is all about! Also includes a log of site updates and a to-do list.
  • Resources - A page of resources I like, including what I used to make my website!



  • Webmaster - Where you can learn about the webmaster!
  • Articles - Where I post my long-form thoughts in the form of informal essays
  • Journal - A space for my much more personal and less proofread writings
  • Picture log - A log of pictures I take during my daily life
  • Thrift log - My log of everything I find during my thrift hunts!!
  • Shrines hub - The hub to get to all of my shrines
    • Hyde - A page dedicated to a good friend who passed
    • Ghost - A page dedicated entirely to my relationship with my partner!
    • Pets - A page deidcated to my pets!
    • Clarence Clarity - A page for the British experimental electronic/pop musician
    • System of a Down - A page for the Armenian-American metal band
    • Roller Coasters
    • Air Raid Sirens
    • Music - A general page for my music interest, which splinters off into the specific artist shrines already shared above
    • Furbys - My collection of Furbys and related merchandise!
    • Plushies - My growing collection of plush toys!
    • Treehouse TV - The Canadian specialty television channel for preschoolers
  • Otherkin - A page for my relationship with being otherkin, as well as my kintypes
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I was first inspired to make this website as an "about me" page for my Twitter page at the time (I know, sue me,) but it wasn't until I saw agentromanoffsir's post on Tumblr that I felt inspired to revist this project with a new appreciation for the culture on Neocities. Since around the start of October 2023, I've started hyperfocusing on honing in on my coding skills and learning as much as I can about the culture of Neocities, the Yesterweb/Indie Web/Small Web/whatever you wish to call it, and building off of what I already had to create something that I think reflects me as a person. Of course, I'm still keeping my core reason of wanting to do this close to me: doing it because I think it's fun, of course!


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I don't really think I'm changing the face of the internet with my shoddily-put-together HTML and CSS, but I like to think that I'm at least supporting a movement that hopes to, one day, see an internet that has less corporate influence and is more independently-run by the average day people that use the internet on a daily basis. I also started to find solace in the independently-run web due to the fact that the majority of popular social media is turning into a cesspool of garbage, and while I'm not nearly as strong enough as some other people in the web revival scene to completely ditch these platforms (I have lots of friends over there!!), I also wanted to start looking at other avenues for my new main website of choice, so I guess making my own where I'm the one setting the rules and limitations just made the most amount of sense.

Speaking of shoddy HTML- this site also acts as my coding sandbox for me to learn new things as I go along with creating new pages, features, and subsites. It's worth noting that I'm still very much an amateur, novice, and hobbyist web developer, so I'm really only doing this for myself because I think it's fun and I get enjoyment out of it. That being said, I still want this site to be as accessible to as many people as I possibly can make it, so I'm getting to work on learning mobile coding alongside building everything on and for desktop!


The Future of this Site

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In the future, I'd like for this to become my home on the internet. It technically already is, but I still have plenty to flesh out as I'm typing this section...! My goal is to make shrines for each of my major special interests and hyperfocuses, have a space for me to post pictures from my daily life and to be able to post about my thrifting hauls. I effectively wanna cut down on how much I use (public) social media by bringing all of this stuff over to my website instead.

04.05.24 | Made 'now' page
04.02.24 | Blowing the dust off the website, added new thrift log entry, tweaked a few things for visual aesthetics purposes, finally made a logo and header image
11.15.23 | Added "journal" page, added first journal entry
11.11.23 | Changed "blog" page to "articles," added new article: Willfully Drowning in The Fountain of Youth: An Essay on Self-Infantilization
11.01.23 | Added the thrift log
10.16.23 | New "about the site" and sitemap pages added, media query done for homepage (+ tabs) and blog
10.09.23 | New webmaster page added
06.10.23 | Landing page added, otherkin page added, first blog post made
09.28.23 | Layout beef-up
05.27.22 | Created website
To-do list
  • Complete everything on the accessibility to-do list
  • Media query for: landing page, homepage, about, blog, shrines hub, otherkin
  • Unique layouts for: about page, sitemap, shrines hub
  • Make site button
  • Finish shrines: Furby, TTTE
  • Start on shrines: music, roller coasters, sirens
  • Make resources page


  • Feeling: The current mood of faeriemachine at
  • Work: Not beating the NEET allegations, but I hope that soon I can have my commissions open so that I can generate some money for CanFURence this year!
  • Website: Forgotten about it, honestly LOL but I hope I can come back to it once the fursuit is finished.
  • Current fixations: Fursuit building LOL, this thing has sucked up all of my time and energy that I can't focus on anything else, really.
  • Projects: Almost done with the arm sleeves of my fursuit partial, and close to putting on the finishing touches of my fursuit head!
  • Watching: M*A*S*H, Person of Interest, Trailer Park Boys, except I've put all three on hiatus because my concentration issues have somehow gotten worse
  • Reading: Are Prisons Obsolete? by Angela Davis - or at least, I'm listening to it through an audiobook! I'm not super far into it, but I'm already learning a lot
  • Playing: Nothing at the moment, waiting for the weather to get nice again so that I can get back into playing Pokemon Go
  • Last watched: Phantom Of The Paradise, Frankenhooker, Day Of The Dead
  • Last listened to: GYNX AND THE POWER OF PLUR - GYNX, To Pimp a Butterfly - Kendrick Lamar, CHASER - femtanyl, Badmotorfinger - Soundgarden, Exotic Creatures Of The Deep - Sparks
  • Planning: To open commisssions soon.
  • Health: This weather is being so nasty to me, I'm exhausted and in immense pain.

Bulletin board!

Free Gaza - Below are various links you can use in order to donate to Palestinian causes

  • Operation Olive Branch - Masterlist of fundraisers for Palestinian families in need
  • Gaza Evacuation Relief Fund - Fundraisers vetted by Ottawa4Palestine
  • Crips for eSims for Gaza - Easily donate money that goes towards buying eSims for Gazans
  • PCRF - Donate directly to PCRF, this is their Ramadan Campaign
  • CareForGaza - The Twitter page for the Care For Gaza non-profit charity that aims to help needy families in Palestine
  • Pious Projects Palestine - A number of fundraiser initiatives you can donate to, providing needy families with everything between food and water, to medical supplies and specialized healthcare.
  • UNRWA - The official website for the UNRWA
  • BDS Movement - The official website for the Boycott, Divest, Sanction movement
  • Decolonize Palestine - Some starter material for decolonizing your beliefs on Palestine
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